Hopes and Dreams

by Baek Dal Ryun

Photo of Baek Dal working with her ESL classmatesI have two sons who like the United States very much. They have many friends here and I think it is very interesting that their friends come from many different countries.

My sons go to J.B.S. High School. They have good grades and I hope that they can go to college here. My oldest son wants to go into business, while my younger son wants to be an artist. But as you know, American colleges are very expensive to afford for two children. We would have to pay out-of-state rates.

So money is very important-I have to work and I will. I would like to manage a day care center because I love children. I currently work as a volunteer with the day care center at Greenbrier Baptist Church. Through this volunteer work, I am learning about what it takes to run a child care program.

My second wish is to nourish my husband with healthy food so he can help support my family.

My third wish for my husband is that he gets promoted to a General in the Navy.

My final wish is that my sons get married and have my grandchildren as soon as possible.

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