Changes, Families, and Dreams

by Ine Sudradjat

I am from Indonesia. In my parents’ generation, they were taught not to speak when they were children. But now things have changed. My five-year-old son always asks "Why?" when I tell him not to do something. I think that's a good thing. He will be more critical and more clever when he grows up.

The family is different, too. In my parents' generation, the father told the mother "You must stay home and care for the children." Now, my husband encourages me to work, though I am not allowed to work while I am in the United States. I like working because then I have my own money to buy things without asking.

My dream is to go to school and learn how to run a small business. Then I want to start my own baker's shop, making cakes. I like to bake cakes, and I like to eat them, too.

A note from Ine: Each region of Indonesia has a different kind of traditional dress. These are not clothes that are worn everyday, but they are worn whenever we want to remind ourselves of our cultural heritage. If you would like to see a picture of me in my traditional clothes, look to the picture that accompanies Joice Louhanapessy’s story. She is my friend. We are at a party that was held by the Indonesian community in Northern Virginia and we are wearing traditional Indonesian clothes.

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