Grandmother's Keepsake

by Juan Carlos Mezones

My grandmother was a happy, talkative woman. She was short and fat and had short, brown hair. She wore green or sometimes brown open sweaters. She liked to go to parties and dance. I remember one time when we were in Lima, Peru. I was about 14 or 15 years old. My family was all together for my grandmother's birthday. We watched her open presents. Everybody said "Wow, that's wonderful!" It was a necklace, a ring, a watch and a bracelet. Also cologne, talcum powder, and make-up. But the necklace and bracelet were the most special gifts. They were from the whole family. My grandmother was very happy and cried when she saw them.

Childhood Memories

by Juan Carlos Mezones

Photo of Juan CarlosI remember going to my grandfather's home in Lima, Peru. There was a front yard and back yard. The house was a big, a two-story house. Downstairs there was a family room, kitchen and bathroom. The porch had a table and chairs. I don't remember if there was a carpet or just floor. Upstairs was a blue bedroom. One room was for my grandmother and grandfather, one room for my uncles and one for my aunties.

I remember at my grandfather's house one time I gave his little chicken a bath in cold water. My grandfather said, "Oh my God, what are you doing?" Then my grandfather put the chicken in the oven to warm it up. They put the oven on warm and put the chicken in it, maybe for two or three minutes. Then they took her out and put her in a box with straw. He put it in a box of straw and it went to sleep.

Later, when my uncle saw the bird, he said, "What happened to my chicken?" My grandfather told him, "John washed the chicken." My uncle said, "What? Is she dead or alive?" My grandfather was a little upset but he told uncle, "Everything's all right for the chicken. She's cold, but she's still alive."

The Future

by Juan Carlos Mezones

In the future I hope to study at the Arlington Career Center. I want to study about cooking or growing plants. I want to learn how to set the tables and decorate for big parties or receptions. I would like to work as a security guard at receptions. I would like to work as a waiter or work in a warehouse packaging bottles and putting them on trucks.

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